Little Sheep first opened its doors in 1999 in Baotou, China. What started as a single store is now the world's largest hotpot brand with nearly 170 stores in more than 120 regions and cities worldwide.
Over the last 2 decades, it has been our mission to dedicated serve the world's most comforting hot pot with the best ingre- dients the world has to offer.
Little Sheep takes pride in sourcing the highest quality, most natural, and rarest ingredients from all over the globe to create an what we think is the world's best hot pot.
With its seven magic spices, Little Sheep aims to serve you pot of broth which is full of flavor, nutritious, and leave you with an unforgettable experience that is the world's best hotpot.
Signature Classic Soup Base
Deluxe Beef Chunk
Signature Lamb Cap
Signature Traditional Spicy Soup Base
Longjiang Wagyu Beef Chunk
Little Sheep Deluxe Whole Lamb Platter
Inner Mongolian Style
Lamb Spine Hot Pot
Prime Cut Lamb Rib
Inner Mongolian Style Dessert Platter