Little Sheep’s advantages are

many – including a classic product,

successful model and excellent

international support. We require

franchisees meet certain standards,

to ensure World Class quality

is consistently maintained.

To qualify, you must have:

Long-term Vision - for store development; as well as potential expansion

into multiple venues.

Knowledge – of daily operations in the dining and retail sectors.

Experience – with staff management and hiring.

Competence – and quick-learning capabilities.

Financial readiness – and superior qualifications.

Like-mindedness – in sharing Yum! Brands culture.

Business acumen - good commercial sense and risk management skills.



Location: The business area needs to be confirmed and evaluated by the franchisor. Recommended area: above 300 sq mt. Building structure: The guest dining area must be no less than 250 kg/m2 (no less than 400 kg/m2 including ground ventilation system). The kitchen area must be no less than 400 kg/m2. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 200KW-260KW (for 450 – 600 sq mt). Water supply: Inflow pipe diameter – DN50, water pressure – 2.5 to 3.5 kg. Fire protection: The building must comply with basic local fire safety legislation. Drainage: A dedicated grease trap is required, with a volume larger than 3.5m2. Waste disposal: A dedicated septic tank required, with a drainage connection pipe diameter of no less than DN150. Smoke ventilation: A dedicated smoke ventilation tube required, with a diameter of 500mm x 400 mm. Outdoor ventilator space: Reasonable space for a ventilator is required. Parking space: Sufficient parking space to meet customer requirements.

Little Sheep Hot Pot International Franchise Policy

- Commercial Franchise Authority:5 years

- Franchise Authority Cost:

a. Franchise Fee:
Including trademark and new store support service

Single Store Franchise: USD$60,000

Master Franchise(3-5 stores):USD$150,000

b. Royalty Fee:

5% of monthly gross sales(per store per month)

c. Marketing Fee:

3% of monthly gross sales(per store per month)use for advertising campaigns

d. Deposit Fee:

USD$15,000 (refund when contract terminates if no claims have been made against the deposit)


Thank you for your interest in Little Sheep. We would love to tell you

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